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Brick and mortar businesses are shrinking and many online businesses are taking there place there are online clothing stores popping up from all over the world and they have some pretty convenient services like for instance for a monthly subscription we will send you a shirt and socks or something random so you don’t have to go shopping pretty nice service with low overhead since you can start working out of your garage and go into a bigger facility after that

So what do I propose if you have a brick and mortar business?

Start a website and draw all your attention there if you sell goods then try other ways of selling like Ebay, or Craigslist… what you are actually doing is lowering your overhead cost and taking all the money you would of payed for rent and the bills for the lease and putting that into your pocket for instance

I have a friend, David who started an online RV rental business which lists RV’s you can check it out here its not exactly done but he is working on getting a few more RV’s and tweaking the site a little

Anyways he used to run a RV rental and he couldn’t keep up with the bills since the lot he was renting had to be paid for, RV’s he leased as well, and on and on so it was a lot of work and the best case scenario is that he ended up breaking even he got a job, learned how to do SEO and then took a shot at building this site, so far he has 2 clients paying him 15% of what he books for them which is good considering that they are both travel trailers

considering he just started and is making about 300-500 a month from the site with just 2 travel trailers listed its a good investment and a good return since he only has $10 per month for hosting and other fees its a small example but it works out in his favor because its money that comes in and stays there unlike his previous business

He is hopping to make close to 1-2K a month after he is done running around trying to find RV’s to list on the site and hopefully done tweaking the site by the end of this year

The best part is that he doesn’t do much for the money he makes all he does is just list the RV’s on the site once and remove them if they don’t pay up

So the moral of the story is try to get something you can use and leverage online that will benefit you instead of the person who rents out the property!

For example if you run a carpet cleaning business do not invest in an office intel you have built and gotten a website finished with clients coming from your website then you can start to grow your overhead even though I think it is useless to have an office, you can just use your home and write that off at the end of the year

because for a business to succeed you need 2 things

a service



the rest is all not needed if you have extra money use it to make your service better or figure out a way to generate more clients

If you still have not tried opening an online businesses I would recommend you look for what are the needs in your city and work you way from there to provide a solution

if you want more information check him out

Rv Rental SpokaneĀ 





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