Wins The PowerBall Ends up Broke?

Imagine winning  20 million dollars and you only make 60k a year

Crazy right… you would probably think you will never ever run out of money you go out buy a bigger house with cash, sick pad bro, but it will not look cool with out a swimming pool in the back and some nice Vettes (one for you and one for your wife)

anyways you go out and you decide Na man I think I will skip the Corvette and get a Lambo sure why not you do so and man your as happy as hell more like heaven, but anyways your still missing something man lets throw a big as party to celebrate its not everyday you get 20 mill so you go out and you get all the drinks and man you buy some good stuff since grey goose is not going to go out of style

your a baller man

speaking about baller you walk by a jewelry store and your wife needs a pair of the fines diamond earrings and ring since your a mutli-millionaire my man

good for you, your wife is happy and your a good husband you bought your wife the anniversary gift she deserves

out of curiosity you look in your bank account you seam a little worried but who cares you still have a lot more money left

so you get to your party in your brand new lambo you just picked up congrats join the lambo club boy, but your at the party and a neighbor asks man why is there nothing docked in your ocean font property? a millionaire needs a good yacht to go out and enjoy himself, cool you take his advice and go for the most luxurious ship there is to date and man you are happy its going to be a great summer

hey man your the talk of the town man you threw the most raddest party ever to date and the neighborhood thanks you man!

so your ship gets hear as well as your first house bill for the amount of water, electricity, and gas you used up along with pedro the landscaper looking to get his check for keeping your yard in tip top shape

and may I say he did such a good job you tipped him an extra 50

good for you

but you site down at your table write a check and boom its done on to the next day,

so what to do today, wife is feeling a little hungry and doesn’t want to cook so you get an idea to go out to this fancy restaurant in a few hours you heard about in town from the fellas you been hanging out at the party not to long ago

why not right you still have a lot of money

so you rent a rather nice limo for the once occasion

but you noticed you don’t really have anything nice to wear so you and your wife head down to the shopping mall and buy yourselves full

you head back home not even knowing if all this stuff can fit in your closet

something rings


you open the door and its the  limousine driver asking are you ready sir

nope give us a minute sire

hour later you and your wife are ready to head out

your sitting inside your rented limo getting ready to go eat with your wife and you cant imagine what kind of life you both now have its apsolutly amazing

a year pass and

you wake up to someone knocking on your big mansion doors you go open the door and its your family and man they sure seem happy to see you you have a beautiful house and man is it crazy it been exactly a year after you won the power-ball man happy anniversary lets party


why don’t we go take out the yacht its a nice day i just have to stop buy and refuel it at the docks

you load up your family captain and you go on a little cruise

but before you get to go cruise you stop by the dock and fill up your boat you scan your card and for some reason your card get declined

weird you take out your other card

nope that one doesn’t work

weird you get on your app and look at your bank account




Point of this long made up story is that anyone can be given money no matter how much and you can end up right were you were if you were not carful with it

if you have poor financially literacy its not wise to give you money

Just like its not smart to put water in a bucket that has holes

so the point I want to hammer down is that you cannot be rich if you don’t know how to handle the little bit you have, how can you be in-trusted with the many?






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