Best Value is A Local Business

Were can you find the most bang for your buck when it comes to quality work and hiring a professional

The answer may sometimes be in your own town, city and most cases your very own back yard. Im talking about local businesses, people who start a company and scale it out to size to fit the market.

Those are the people and local companies that will provide the most value to your business and local company.

Why Choose a local business vs a traditional name brand.

Reason number 1. They do this for a living, think about it if you were to repeat a task over and over again and work with different variables and have different challenges every day and you would need to overcome them daily, you would learn from personal experience and you can work with that and relay that faster to your customers then the traditional name brands that would need to file complaints and produces and get stuff approved before it can go through


Number 2. They don’t want to take your money without having done a great job

a local business has a moral compass as for some name brands they don’t really care anymore as long as they are pushing in money and clients they are fine, for a local company there name is there brand and they see that, for example one painter named Brad Garrod he puts his name on everything his company touches hence the name Garrod Painting, they are a painting contractor in South Florida

he only hires the best because he is very skeptical about putting his name on anything that is his and wants only the best work to provide for his brand

That is just one good example of having confidence becuase not only are they proving to you that they are professionals they stamp it with there name.

3. You get what you pay for, not all local have a great system in place and prices as well, painting can be a quite expensive job so giving a them a solid amount of capital to work with is a better Idea then cheeping out,

a good story is that we went to our local home depot and tried to buy a water prof paint and the cheapest paint they sold was a 5 gallon drum for $150 and it was an acrylic paint so not really the best in terms of quality and how long it lasted it was guaranteed to last 5 years and 10 years undercover so not much if you were to switch over to the more pricy oil based paints that would of lasted much longer and done a better job and would of cost you less in the long run because you don’t need to pay then to come back to re apply another coat in 3-5 years


So make sure you buy the best paints and solutions from any local business becuase it will be cheaper in the end

Another story about this is a local battery/ hobby shop that I went to recently, I want to get an Rv or small camper for traveling this summer and I was talking to them what is the best in terms of that and they said this battery right here it was 350 and it was heavy, but if you look at the numbers it was a 10-15 year guarantee as for the other battery’s they would bust out 5-8 years and they were a little bit more questionable with quality issues here and there but if your going to be living in your Rv/ camper full time you don’t want problems especially electricity problems because that could mean your fridge goes dead and no more power for you.

You get what you pay for.






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